The mirabelle plum from Lorraine (France) is one of the most ephemeral fruits: six weeks and then it's gone. This transience, pleases Confiture Parisienne. And to make it even rarer, they have married it with saffron, one of the most coveted spices, which will have delicately dried before joining the precious half-moons of mirabelle plums cut by hand to infuse 24 hours before going to the pot. The mirabelle plum combined with saffron is the taste of summer here exalted by the taste of summer elsewhere.


Craftsmanship know-how

Rare and seasonal fruits, no chemicals and only unrefined cane sugar. Their cooking in small quantities is supervised at the ready degree in copper cauldrons so that the cooking is homogeneous and the fruits can share all their aromas. The jam is delicately ladled into white-enamelled jars to prevent light from passing through.

Mirabelle Pistil of Saffron

  • Mirabelle de Lorraine, unrefined cane sugar, saffron pistil, lemon, natural pectin.


    Total sugar content 57%. Prepared with 60G of fruit for 40G of unrefined cane sugar.