• The most concentrated of the range! You can drink it neat if you are daring or combine it endlessly. That's why "Le Sans Sucre" is our favourite.


    It goes very easily with hot or cold liquids, sparkling or not, sauces, sweet or salty dishes such as soups, Asian dishes, fruit salads, birchers, etc... It knows no limits and does not like to be restricted in its potential uses. It loves creative people and daring artists who dare to try something new!


    For people who are sensitive to sleep, it should be avoided in the evening as it tends to wake you up, unless there are two of you to enjoy it!


    Organic Ginger Juice - Le Sans Sucre

    PriceFrom CHF15.00
    • Freshly pressed ginger* juice (Peru, Fée d'Or quality), water, fresh lemon* juice (Sicily).


      *Ingredients from organic farming


      Raw juice, not pasteurised, it must be kept in a cool place at +5°C, whether it is opened or not.


      Practical tip: you can make ice cubes out of it, very practical! It will keep longer.