• This juice with its powerful synergies will captivate you, it was created for that!


    Its perfect and unique taste will take you to warm and distant lands. The mix of turmeric, ginger and black pepper is a very powerful aromatic blend.


    In addition, the black pepper increases the beneficial effects of the turmeric tenfold, while the freshly squeezed organic mango, in high concentration and of a very special variety, compensates for the bitterness of this root. This juice is a perfect balance between roundness, spiciness and sweetnes



    Organic Ginger Juice - Curcumangue

    PriceFrom CHF15.00
    • Apple juice * (Switzerland), mango pulp * (India), water, fresh squeezed turmeric * and ginger juice * (Peru, Fée d'Or quality), fresh lemon juice * (Sicily), blackpepper extract* (Vietnam).

      * Ingredients from organic farming

      Juice pasteurized at low temperature, it can be kept for up to 4 months at room temperature as long as it is unopened. Once opened, it can be kept for a minimum of 15 days in a cool place at a maximum of + 5 ° C.